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Palm Tree Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Palm Tree Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

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Set of 16 Vector Palmtree Brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

I have created a collection of palm branches. With these brushes you can design your own custom palm trees. All brushes can be colored in any color. All brushes are vectors and can be scaled to any size.

It is very tedious to extract palm trees from a photo. If you then also need the palm trees as vectors, it will cost you a lot of time. Create your own palm trees in just a few minutes. This brush set saves you a lot of time. Create gorgeous postcards and invitation cards with these Palm Tree Brushes. Create beautiful murals and wall art. Below you will find some examples of use and also some YouTube tutorials on how to work with the brushes.

This brush set only works in Adobe Illustrator. Brushes compatible with Adobe Illustrator Version CS4 and higher. Of course also with Adobe Illustrator Version CC and higher.

What is included:
-2 palm tree trunk brushes
-14 palm tree branch brushes
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